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A Bit About Us

After leaving school i went to Demonfort University and studied art and design for 2 years and from here I took up a degree course at Leicester and studied ceramics and glass.
After my second year i decided to specialise in slipcasted ceramics. By this time i was facianted by miniatures and how i could use my skills to create ceramics on such a small scale.
When i graduated fronm university in 2004 my mind was made up to join the dolls house minitures scene. So i decided to set up my own business.
It has taken alot of hard work and effort to get here today. As i have had to adapt and create new ways of slipcasting to make it possible to make ceramics this small.
My aim is prouce miniatures that look the part in your dolls house. I am very much into the history of ceraimcs and take particular care when looking at the shape, size and colour of the originals form the period.

Upcoming shows

Kensington Town hall - London - May 11th and 12th 2018 

Kensington town hall - London - 1st December 2018


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Hand Slipcasted Dollshouse Miniatures.